Hi Guys .. I am happy to introduce the new Swingers club THE BIG BAD. The new club is the son of the Bad Romance club also located in the Testaccio district. THE BIG BAD is a club for couples and singles,

The location includes a disco room, a free area, a relaxation area and a terrace.

The location is in via di Monte Testaccio n ° 89 Rome center

The Bad Romance Club 2 (The Big Bad) is located in a historic building of the late eighteenth century richly decorated and where it is possible to see the ancient walls made up of Roman amphorae from the Monte dei Cocci.

Every night at THE BIG BAD Swingers club. The Bad Romance brand doubles. We look forward to welcoming you all nights starting at 10:30 pm. The location includes disco hall, spa, private area and terrace. We are waiting for you in the center of Rome. kisses from the owner Alessia Rossini

As always you will find a pleasant and selected environment. For information you can contact me at + 39-3392376722.




Size 500 sq.m.
Outdoor area size 150 sq.m.
Max occupancy 160 persons
Playroom size -
Alcohol available Various options
Food available Various options
Smoking allowed Smoking area only
Playroom available Yes
Dance floor Yes
Fetish room Yes
Outdoor area Yes
Indoor pool No
Outdoor pool -
Jacuzzi Yes
Massage area Yes
Sauna Yes
Private playrooms Yes
Private lockers Yes
Themed parties Yes
Overnight accommodation Yes

Opening hours

Mon 22:30 03:00
Tue 22:30 03:00
Wed 22:30 03:00
Thu 22:30 03:00
Fri 22:30 04:00
Sat 22:30 04:30
Sun 22:30 03:00