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Thank you for the bracelets and the nice goodie bag ??
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softies drop us a line xxx
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What are the daily opening hours for bracelet pickup at the HQ?
We arrive on the 14th of August.
We remind you.... here's where the SpicyMatch HQ is -

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hey, from what time are u guys "open" on sunday 28th? we would like to pick up our bracelets on our way to the mousse 😉

SpicyMatch Cap d'Agde HQ we will be here during the morning before the Mousse starts.


ok thx! we will come by then

When you visit our HQ in Cap d’Agde take some souvenir photos with our back drop..... and at the end of the season we’ll have some surprises in store for you ?
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Hello! With vip bracelets you can skip qeue at the Beach Glamour pool party, but all the summer or only three weeks?

SpicyMatch Cap d'Agde HQ Every day throughout the whole summer.

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