Have you ever thought that you can be part of a dream? The time to stop dreaming is now. Investment opportunities to be part of a lifestyle specific Castle, Hotel & Dining Experiences.
PartyPikant SchlossPikant
New Target achieved 425.000,00 € New Investors from Czech and Berlin, welcome to our Crowdfunding
400.000,00 €
achieved in our erotic castle investors project. also in english
Schloss Pikant

English and German (weiter unten) : ..... events for sophisticated, young and young at heart, attractive, clean, sleek and visually pleasing guests! From 18 J to "perceived" 48 J. + max. 10% exceptions. Patrons and Castle investors ( have grandfathered. A mix of party...

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Hey, wir hoffen doch das alle die sich hier als Schloss Pikant Fans geoutet haben auch zu den Investoren zählen, damit wir so schnell wie möglich auch in nem Geilen Schloss feiern können

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