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With it´s unique wide round shape the Blueberry gives an expantional widening sensation.

As it presses on the top of the anus it also creates a tighening of the vagina, which stimulates the head of the penis.

This plug can also be used in the vagina.

The widest part of the plug is about 4cm and the smallest 1,3cm. It´s about 8cm heigh, the base of this plug is wider than our others, it´s about 4cm in width.

*Variations may occur since the toys are hand made, we always recommend using a condom during play.!/products/blueberry
The Minicorn

The minicorn is an original and amazingly fun toy that can be used in several different ways.

Both the name and the naughty design makes playtime extra fun.

This toy is great for friction play, but its also gives its own special sensations with the different pressure points.

The shape itself makes this plug sit very secure, so if you`re one of those who either feel that plugs "fall out" or "shoot out" during the act, this is the plug for you!

The smallest part of this toy is around 1,1cm, the widest about 4cm and the lenght is about 10cm.!/products/minimais added 4 new photos to the album Main.
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This plug is inspired by the rasberry, it`s knobbly to give maximum pleasure.

The shape makes it so that the plug sits in well without irritating and without any danger of it "slipping" out during the night or day.

This plug has our slimmest stem, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

The knobbly surface makes for an exciting and different feeling as the plug is inserted,

the little spheres shifts the sensation focus which makes the plug fun to play with.

The plug is relatively large, it`s about 8cm in lenght, the widest part is about 5cm, the stem is about 0,8cm wide.
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