Jae and Gery are very beutifull people,.People who work in there is very profesional.
Atmosfere is nice.Music is descrete,so people can talk and socialize.
It is more than enough place for action and fun,and the small darkroom is personaly my favorite :)
It is just wright place to be...
Very nice place to fun.Gery is very very kInd man.Unfortunaly I didnt met Jae becouse I let the night club before she came.Maybe I will met her next time.I recommend to everyone to visit this club at least once.
Terrible music, the club interior is like a labirynth, too many singles, only for women/couples interested in raw sex with presence of many singles
The best club in Rovinj and whole Istria! Love you 😘
Great club, great owners and personell that make you feel welcome and really good. Keep up with the good work. 👌

Jae1 Lounge thx a lot for your nice words

The best Club in Istria
the real best place in Rovinj - with a lot of fun - super good service, best drinks - come and enjoy it.
Il migliore

Jae1 Lounge grazie mio

Jae1 Lounge thx for your stars

Jae1 Lounge very nice thx

Jae1 Lounge i will say thx