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Size 550 sq.m.
Outdoor area size 0 sq.m.
Max occupancy 500 persons
Playroom size Lots persons
Alcohol available Against payment
Food available Against payment
Smoking allowed Smoking area only

Other specialities

Towels are provided.

Playroom available Yes
Dance floor No
Fetish room Yes
Outdoor area No
Indoor pool Yes
Outdoor pool No
Jacuzzi Yes
Massage area Yes
Sauna Yes
Private playrooms Yes
Private lockers Yes
Themed parties Yes
Overnight accommodation No

Opening hours

Mon 11:00 23:00 Heathrow AbFab host Bi night after 6pm
Tue 11:00 18:00 Naturist
Wed 11:00 23:00 Clothing Optional after 6pm hosted by Heathrow AbFab
Thu 11:00 18:00 Naturist
Fri 11:00 18:00 Naturist
Sat 11:00 18:00 Clothing Optional
Sun 11:00 20:00 Naturist or Lingerie

Entrance fees

Couples £30
Ladies £15
Gents £40