Sailing trip in the Aegean Sea

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Tuesday 14 March 2017
Sailing trip in the Aegean Sea


We will be sailing in the Aegean Sea for a week, starting from either 8th of July or a week after, departing from Skiathos island. There will be young males and females (20s and early 30s), all beautiful, relaxed and sophisticated individuals of academic and/or artistic profile. At the moment we are 3 males and 1 female for sure and 4 females thinking about it. This will be a 7-10 people thing. The captain will be one of us (i.e. no stranger skipper on the boat) and he is a ship designer and engineer, half human-half fish, thus you will be in safe hands. There will be swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, playing with wild dolphins, fishing, sunbathing, oil-massage, quantum field theory lectures, naked people, BDSM, bonfires at isolated beaches and all kind of goodies.

After the sailing trip, there will be a road trip along the coastline and a big island close to the mainland (called Euboea) with whoever wishes to follow.

We are looking for smart and beautiful females and couples. There is no obligation policy whatsoever (no such thing as everyone having to be open to everyone else for everything), but it is necessary that you are comfortable within polyamorous and group sex kind of contexts and a priori interested in genuinely sharing intellectual, emotional and physical moments (in other words, if you know beforehand you want to do this just to get facebook selfies in the various paradises, do not answer this message). Living in or being curious about the BDSM will be appreciated, anything that starts with bi- (sexual, sensual, curious, comfortable, lingual, ologist, ophysicist etc etc) will be appreciated.

All practical things will be taken care of. We live in Finland, but the gentleman of the couple is from Hellas and has the people and means to conveniently take care of things there. You are gonna be picked up from the airport and have a ride back to it, you will have car transportation with stops for sightseeing in the mainland you will have accommodation in any additional days besides the trip(s), good food, great people to hang out with and so on and so forth. Oh, and love! The cost will be taking yourself to Athens and back where you came from, plus the equal participation in the trip expenses, an estimate of which can be given via private message and will be most likely less than what you would expect.