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How knows the right place for a couple like is....


Czech uglamour nude art photographer. Jiri Ruzek's photographs have been internationally exhibited and published in a number of books in the Europe, Japan, the USA etc... His photographs are based on emotive nude art portraits and he calls this unkempt-like style the Uglamour (ugly glamour)....

Our swingers club in Prague offers a pleasant socializing room, spacious heated jucuzzi at the bar, wide selection of both non and alcoholic drinks, buffet at every club event and numerous play rooms. There is a special play room for beginners, massage room, SM room, girls only room, voayer room...

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Non vediamo l'ora... FINALMENTE!!!


Ci siete mancati le vostre feste sono sempre il Top


FINALMENTE ...!!! Siete i migliori...!!!

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