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C/ Anglí, 69
Barcelona, Spain


Welcome to our INTERNATIONAL FOAM PARTY 2016! The day in which Oops goes completely International!
With the collaboration of Spicymatch and the acclaimed international private party organisation WetSunWekeend, we will fill the club with the sexiest couples coming from all over the world. Dress Code for the night will be the White, later changing to White lingerie, bikinis, trikinis, boxers and thongs accompanied by thin and almost transparent shirts.

As the hidden mouth of the Foam Cannon begins to shed generous amounts of foam on the jubilant bodies, Ibizan music & electronic percussions will enchant the couples into erotic hedonism. Shirts stick to the bodies, exposing what lies underneath. Half naked bodie slide down each other. As the fabrics fade away, the night is engulfed in a wet hot euphoria.

Date: 5th June 2016
Time: 19:00

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Themed Costumes


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