After the success of the last Free event, Paul and Flirt would like to offer you the opportunity to come to another Free event @ Xtasia.

Friday the 29th April 2016.

Here's the rules for attending the Free night:

Couples and Single Females are Free entry. You'll need to be a genuine couple on site, with at least one verification as a couple for us to add you to the list. We think this is very fair as many singles are now starting to hook up as a couple just to get into an event, with no intentions of ever playing as a couple after it. That's not really the idea, and if problems arise on the night, it’s normally these relationships that give us the issues.

Single guys must be members of Xtasia already, or accepted as members of Xtasia but yet to visit. Bottom line here, if you’re not a member already of Xtasia, then apply for club membership via the club web site. (Just google Xtasia). You have plenty of time to be approved before the event. If you leave it till the last minute then you probably won't get in. Please only ask to be added to this guest list if you’re an approved club member.

Please note, we are also enforcing a new rule to try to ease the pressure on couples and ladies playing. No single guys will be allowed into the lower playroom area unless invited in by a couple or single female. At the last Free Party too many guys ruined it for couples by just loitering around the rooms, waiting to jump in. It’s predominantly a Social, if you can’t be bothered to chat before trying to play, you shouldn’t be there!! Make an effort guys, be sociable, it reaps rewards. We will also be enforcing our dress code, wear a T-Shirt, and you won’t get in!

Free entry to those who make the list, are club members, and are well presented on the night.

Those who attend who aren't already club members, will get the chance to join if they like what they see. Please bring along valid ID if you think that might be of interest.

We also have our superb dance event on the Saturday night, DPraved, and the local hotels seem to be offering deals for 2 nights, so why not make a really cheap weekend of it and join us for both? Sunday is a Bank Holiday and we're now doing an Ibiza style Beach party on the Sunday night to chill the weekend down...make 3 nights of it!! Try the Park Inn at West Bromwich, the Travel Lodge at Oldbury, Premier Inn at Gas Street, West Bromwich for deals.

Flirts bar will be open from 4pm if you fancy a few drinks, something to eat and a game or two of pool.

The club opens at 8pm for the event and closes again at 3am.