For a weekend, starting on Friday, 04/22/2016 to Sunday 04/24/2016 about 20 couples meet (dominant man, the O submissive) in the classic constellation and about 6 selected, dominant single men in an old mansion in to three unforgettable days in terms of the history of "O", experience near Passau. This castle hotel has a main house and its outbuildings, a spa with swimming pool and sauna and and and ...

The area is surrounded by a wall, the entrance is close by a big iron gate. The cars can be parked in a hotelcenter who there are lock, the door is then closed for the duration of stay - so we are completely under us. Look forward to new surprises and a very special weekend.

We are looking for dominant MEN, cultivated, sophisticated, more Smoking types as Fetish. Participating Os know what to expect and look forward to be allowed to use all your senses ....

Enjoys with all your senses, the sweet temptations,

revels in costs of food and beverages,

let you comfortable operate from the slavegirls,

enjoys the informal get-together with like-minded people,

lives in the sense of the narrative of Pauline Réage

makes the day for enjoyment

and the nights to play with pleasure!

The price for this weekend is included:

• use of the Castle Hotel incl. all rooms such as cellars, games-suite, spa, sauna, swimming pool, tepidarium

• inclusive of all drinks during the stay (white wine, red wine, beer, water, juice, coffee, tea, water, sparkling wine, for the men in the men's area whiskey and cognac)

• incl. all meals while eating (2 dinners, 2 midnight snacks, 2 brunch, 2 coffee and cake)

• 2 nights in a castle hotel in the ensuite

• selected participants

Price incl. two nights, performances, food and drinks and in particular the use of the framework program as described:

For couples:

from € 629.00 (Total price per pair, depending on the chosen category)

For solo gentlemen:

from 449.00 € in a single room (depending on the selected room type)

For Solo Women:

like to request to us

Of course we will answer all your questions gladly advance also. More info on our homepage under

Target group:

Exclusively dominant men and submissive women with style and knowledge of the history of the "O" (couples in exactly this constellation)

Dress code:

Elegant - like in tuxedo with bow tie, at least dark suit and tie, the O's of naked over fetish through to evening or O Dress

Registrations under: