London, United Kingdom


Join us and DJ DEREK to celebrate the sensational
SpicyMatch Easter Bunny Party

where you come become the WINNER of a LUXURY LIFESTYLE BREAK IN IBIZA!

Dress to impress, drink, dance, party or just get naked and enjoy the freedom of sexual expression. Enjoy the lounge adorned with leather chesterfield sofas, private playrooms, dark room, headmasters room, dungeon, orgy floor, lockers, showers, private smoking area and much more.

The club is a BYOB venue, which means you bring your own alcohol and don’t incur London bar prices. Free soft drinks!

This is a members club and requires additional membership than just SpicyMatch. New applications are welcome at


Type Category Availability Price
48 60.00 ≈ € 68.22
Admission only. Membership fees may apply.
25 15.00 ≈ € 17.05
Admission only. Membership fees may apply.