• Date: 15 February 2016
  • Time: 19:00
  • Price of dinner: 50 eur per couple | COUPLES ONLY

Meet & Greet SpicyMatch DINNER. This time, we are going to put emphasis on excellent Istrian cuisine. We will meet in an awarded restaurant on Slovenian-Italian border, that will open the doors only to SpicyMatch guests on that day. Come and meet old friends and also establish new swinger contact with couples.

Menu (included in the price):

  • Warm starter: Fuzi (Istrian pasta) with boscarin and gnocchi with truffles
  • Main dish: filled pork roll with cheese and Istrian prosciutto and boscarin roast with potatoes and vegetables
  • Desert: Special SpicyMatch cake
  • Drinks: 1/4 liter of wine and 1/2 liter of water per person

Other drinks are paid based on the restaurant prices.

In case that you would like a vegetarian or other customised menu, please let us know and the restaurant will arrange it.

This is a SpicyMatch Premium Validation Event.
All SpicyMatch Couples who attend this event will receive our Premium SpicyMatch Validation
and will be entitled to our discounted Premium Membership Rates.

Free SpicyMatch Merchandise will be distributed during this event.


Type Category Availability Price
Dinner for couple
Couple 25 50.00
  • Predjed: fuži z boškarinom in njoki s tartufi
  • Main course: svinjska polnjena rolada s sirom in Istrskim pršutom in pečenka boškarina s krompirjem in zelenjavo
  • Desert: cake
  • Drinks: 1/4 liter of wine and 1/2 liter of water