January will come to an end also at 2016 and it's a good reason to celebrate. As a Finnish tradition, some celebrate because of abstaining from alcohol until the end of January. Derived from this tradition, we celebrate THE END OF THE PRECUM-DROPLESS JANUARY - a way only Swingers know... !!! Party will be held again at a northern city Oulu as the whole weekend long ceremony. Parties will be kicked off at Friday 6 PM and last long to Sunday... :)

A huge almost brand new luxurious villa that is located just over 10 kilometers from Oulu city center serves as a venue. Exact place will be disclosed for confirmed guests before the event. The villa has huge spacious interior, one sauna located at the main building and another idyllic wooden sauna in another building. Jacuzzi is warm and ready to serve at yard. Next to spacious common interior space there are of course several bedrooms for some more intimate moments.

Guest are welcome at 6 PM Friday evening. At Saturday there will be presentation about various adults' toys and it will be also possible to purchase such toys from the presenter. Later at Saturday we will toss SpicyMatch products and one year full memberships.

Tickets are in free sales for couples and single ladies. Closer to party dates number of single men possible to take in is checked and adjusted. Willing single guys can already private message SpicyMatch Finland to show their interest to participate. Tickets for the whole weekend are immediately available to purchase. Later on tickets for only Friday and Saturday will become available if there is any capacity left.

Whole weekend: 50 euros per person

The ticket covers following elements for the whole weekend:

- Entrance

- Snacks

- One warm meal per day

- Condoms

- Official SpicyMatch premium validation

Ticket fee does not include accommodation

This is a SpicyMatch Premium Validation event. All SpicyMatch Couples and single ladies who attend this event will receive our Premium SpicyMatch Validation and will be entitled to our discounted Premium Membership Rates.

If someone needs accommodation, send private message to SpicyMatch Finland.


Type Category Availability Price
Viikonloppulippu pariskunnille / weekend ticket for couples Various 12 100.00
Viikonloppulippu sinkuille / weekend ticket for singles Single Female 20 50.00
Perjantailippu pariskunnille / Friday ticket for couples Various 3 50.00
Lauantailippu pariskunnille / Saturday ticket couples Various 5 65.00