VENUE: Mono pub, Southern Himos

ADDRESS: Säyryläntie 445, 42100 Jämsä, Finland

DATE & TIME: November 14th, 5pm - 7 pm

SpicyMatch Meet & Greet @ Himos Cottage getaway – the HOTTEST Finnish swinger event of the year! SpicyMatch meet & greet tour continues in MONO pub, situated just 100 meters from the cottage area.

For ones that participate at cottage Getaway, the meet & greet party is a nice moment to gather together for a while with all the other participants around. Also those that couldn’t make it to Cottage Getaway itself can get familiar with lots of new swingers at once and meet old friends.

Members on the SpicyMatch Guest List can win One Year Free Full Memberships vouchers and SpicyMatch products like crop tops, bikinis and beach dresses will be tossed! .

No entrance fee.