Mystery always tempting ...

Welcome to the party Secret Night. The event was full of puzzles, in which nothing is certain ...

Remember that whit mystery is the major desire. Take advantage of them so precisely on this day with us!

Please bring your masks, which will be valid until midnight, later discretion.

At this meeting we invite only the pair.

This will also be the ideal event for people starting their adventure with swinging, for which the maintenance of such discretion will take the first step and break the ice;)

Price list:


190 PLN / 140 PLN * (bar surcharge)

250 PLN / 200 PLN * (open bar)

* Come to the club at 22:00 and will force you lower the price.

In addition, it shall also apply to holders of club card or prepaid account earlier Euphoria Club (at the time of payment, and do not use the input - payment is forfeited).