At the beginning of autumn, we will give joy with a sweet taste and say goodbye to this lovely summer that we could share with you.

To celebrate the start of a new season in OOPS !, presented full of plans and new proposals, we regale with a night where the most exotic drinks are the protagonists. That is why we have a cocktelero master in our team, for you can enjoy sweet and fruity flavors.

There will Mojitos, strawberry and champagne, there will Caipirinhas, Caipirovskas, Whisky Sour, Horse Neck, Paloma, etc, etc.

We said goodbye and a summer which has been intense in UNRWA !. We have organized more than a dozen parties and events in their meager three months. And now we want to start a good fall, giving joy and fun to all couples who make OOPS! Every night is full of charm, glamor and sex only place.