Welcome to our great Sexy Foam Party 2015! Enter the club and that day is something different. The "Dress Code" widespread lingerie dresses, bikinis, trikinis, boxers and thongs accompanied by thin and almost transparent camisoles. The answer is not long in coming.

The mouth of a cannon start to shed half-hidden generous amounts of foam on the jubilant bodies.

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Ibiza music, electronic percussion runaway, planting madness among couples. Shirts stick to the bodies. Bikinis body slide down and soon an exciting nudity prevails in the room. The foam caresses bodies, ephemeral coated fabrics fade when to momentarily leave the body exposed.

People are grouped in the center, leaving the bodies were intermingled and slipping uncontrollably, without order, without script. The gods of the orgiastic make an appearance. Soon the stage becomes an avalanche of bodies covered with whitish humidity and radiant touch.