The first SpicyMatch Meet & Greet at the Irish Pub Mally Malones. 
Come and meet old friends, and also establish new swinger contact with couples & singles.

Members on the SpicyMatch Guest List can win One Year Free Full Memberships vouchers and SpicyMatch products like crop tops, bikinis, beach dresses, blindfolds and pendants will be tossed!

To recognize each other form "normal" bar visitors, we will wear a white bracelet, cut e.g. from paper. No entrance fee.


DATE: 17th July 2015
TIME: 20:00
VENUE: Molly Malones, Kaisaniemenkatu 1, 00100 Helsinki
LOCATION: Helsinki, Suomi

This is a SpicyMatch Premium Validation Event.
All SpicyMatch Couples who attend this event will receive our Premium SpicyMatch Validation
and will be entitled to our discounted Premium Membership Rates