Naughty in New Orleans N'awlins adult lifestyle swinger agreement is an agreement for swingers held in New Orleans in the United States.

Since 1999, the event libertine most popular in the country. Which other city closes its main street (Bourbon St.) to allow scrolling over 1000 sexy swingers? Only in New Orleans!

We will start the evening with a great welcome reception and a session of body painting, tasting shrimp and oysters at will the sound of the hottest band in New Orleans.

It is best to arrive early in the event to participate in our famous Wednesday Night Parade. Dress code: pajamas. Comfortable or sexy you! Then we will emerge us to make us on Bourbon Street to form the parade. It's like an air of Mardi Gras floats. A brass band accompanies you and many more ... We are going down to Colette for the big kick-off party!

Three other events are scheduled Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Come join us!