LIBERATION SHUSH - EASTBOURNE – Friday 22/5/15 9pm to 2am Orgy house party for COUPLES AND SINGLE WOMEN only eastbourne private residence

A MORE INTIMATE KINKY SOIREE OF 20 persons, 'twas a naughty night last time x

PURPLE play room - chill, soft swing, voyeurism and exhibitionism.

RED room - full on play, large matressed area, with a few bdsm toys


adult party, chill, light bdsm and swinging allowed (know your limits) voyeurism, exhibitionism, COUPLES AND SINGLE WOMEN - KINKSTERS and SWINGERS ALL WELCOME, NEWBIES AND THE CURIOUS ESPECIALLY WELCOME!

max capacity 20 persons Dress code – girls - STOCKINGS, SHORT SKIRTS AND ST TRINIANS THEME LOOK, guys HEADMASTER LOOK OR a cheeky smile, open mind, kinky, lingerie or nothing at all x undress to impress byo booze

£9 p/p EARLYBIRD BOOKED AND PAID IN ADVANCE will secure your place (subject to invite confirmation) OR £11 ON NIGHT (£5 P/P HOLDING DEPOSIT REQUIRED £6 ON DOOR) - TEXT TO APPLY 07949202710 (STRICT - NO INVITE CONFIRMATION – NO ENTRY)