“Sea, Sex & Sun! This is the sexiest voyage on Adriatic sea. Join 40 to 80 couples on a unique lifestyle adventure. Explore the wonderful Adriatic sea, meet like minded people, drink cocktails, swim with the dolphins and create memories that will remain for the rest of your life.””

7 Days – From 15th To 22nd August 2015

What: Swinger Yacht Week 2015

When: 15th to 22nd August 2015

Where: Start from Split, Croatia

Price per cabin: 1990 EUR / couple

What is included in the price?

a cabin on the yacht

7 days of sexy adventure

a professional skipper

all sailing costs

What is not included in the price?

all activities happening on the land

food and drinks on board

Who can join?

Couples & single ladies.

If a single lady arrives with a couple and they are willing to share a cabin then she can join for free.

If a single lady arrives by herself and needs a cabin then she (unfortunately) needs to book one at a discounted price – or even better – she can bring another single lady with her and share the discounted cabin price.

Age restriction?

There is no age restriction

Couples of similar age will be grouped to the same boats

All couples mix at the parties and can visit other boats as much as they like

I want to know more details about Swinger Yacht Week

Feel free to contact us any time. Click here.

The Rules & Code

Swinger Activities

“On board a swinger – On land a tourist.“

Couples can change boats as much as they like if the people on the other sailing boat don’t mind their visit. During sailing the skipper decides how many visitors can stay on board (safety issues).

You are allowed to do anything you like – as long as it is inside the sailing boat. If we are on open seas on deck activities are allowed also – as long we are out there alone.

While docked at a marina you have to limit your lifestyle activities to the inside of the boats.

Sailing Activities

We will get to sail quite a lot. But we will try to limit the length of sailing trips to a manageable amount. We don’t want to get too tired for the evenings parties, don’t we? ;)

If you like you can learn how to sail. Our skippers are experienced professionals who will be happy to teach you everything about sailing.

Party & Events

When possible we will organize events so you guys can mingle and have as much fun as possible. In any case all sailing boats will be docked side by side each night and you can jump from one boat from another.

There will be at least 2 events for our group on land during the trip. This will be our private events and other people can’t join, so we can have some privacy and discretion. We will announce the venues as soon as we book them. Stay tuned for more information.

When possible we will organize a dinner at the islands. Croatian cousin is delicious and we want you to try the very best of what they have to offer. Selected wine tasting, sea food and other domestic dishes will be served at these dinners and we are sure you will never regret the little extra money to have this gourmand experience. However – all this is optional and non obligatory. You can also have a dinner at the privacy of your boat.

So who is cooking?

This is sailing and you need to take care of yourself. Our skippers will provide the food for your breakfast and take care of the supplies. Everything else needs to be cooked and prepared by the people on board.

Those who choose not to cook on board our skippers could prepare all meals on board for you for additional cost ( only option if all guests on board are willing to agree for extra cost )

Safety Issues

It goes without saying that you need to listen to your skipper & cruise managers. They are the ones responsible for your safety and will give you instructions on how to behave while sailing so nobody gets hurt.

No, you can’t have sex with the skipper. Unless he is up for it and you are docked safely somewhere in the marina.

Cruise managers

These are the people guiding the tour. They are the ones coordinating the whole trip and they will take care of all your extra needs and comfort.

They will organize guided tours on the interesting parts of the route and if you are up for it you can join to learn more about Croatia and its history.

If somebody is not acting according to rules, bothers other people or if you have ANY other complaints these are the people to turn to. Their phone number will be known to everybody on board and they can be called 24/7.

We will write down rules that everybody, the personal and the people, need to follow. This is same as in swinger clubs. People who do not follow this rules will be asked to leave immediately, without a refund. We will publish these rules soon.


All our skippers are professionals who have many years of experience on the sea. They are carefully selected and they are very much aware of what is going to go on at these boats. Their first concern is your safety and to bring you from one point to another.

Not all of them are lifesytlers but they sure are open minded people. They will have their own cabin to go to if you want some privacy. Otherwise, if you want to have some fun while sailing, just don’t mind them being around. Somebody needs to hold the wheel while you and your misses are indulged in what you came for.


Please note that the itinerary is subject that could change due to the bad weather conditions. Safety and comfort is our first concern.

Day 1 – Saturday, 22nd August 2015

Check in until 15:00

Split is home to the Diocletian’s Palace, a retirement gift to himself from the Emperor Diocletian in 305AD. With its tree-lined, harbour-side promenade this is the perfect place to start and finish our Spicy voyage. We depart from Split at 3pm heading to Šolta – Maslenica.

Get to know the crew & board on your sailing boat Welcome party at Šolta – Maslenica, everybody gets to know everybody

We will be anchored in secluded bay side by side.

Day 2 – Sunday, 23rd August 2015

After a hearty breakfast and a morning snorkel, we’ll head to ex-military fort Vis. Rich in mind blowing history and famous for its wine, Vis Town is an explorer’s dream. Wander historic castles, stroll the mountainous landscape, or simply laze on deck before heading out for cocktails.

We will be docked in Vis Port or on buoy in ports bay.

Day 3 – Monday, 24th August 2015

Not far from Island of Vis we will head to a small paradise island rises from the sea – Biševo. It is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches, colorful underwater life and unusual natural phenomena. The coastline of Biševo is dotted with many caves, the most famous of which being the Blue Cave, in the Balun cove.

We will be anchored side by side in beautiful sandy lagoon. Dinner could be arranged on land.

Day 4 – Tuesday, 25th August 2015

Our next day stop after Bisevo island is Korcula Island famed for its Old Town, olive oil and stunning architecture. Anchoring at beautiful Gradina Bay, it’s the perfect base to explore secluded coves, relax and take in the scenery. Then soak up the Old Town’s atmosphere and enjoy a cocktail or two in its lively bars and restaurants.

We will be docked in old town or in anchored in near bay side by side.

Day 5 – Wednesday, 26th August 2015

After a relaxed morning, we set sail for sexy paradise island Scedro – look out for the dolphins swimming alongside the yacht as we arrive! Mooring in a beautiful bay, it’s the ideal place to relax in the sunshine, before exploring and sampling the local wine and fresh seafood in the island’s only taverna.

We will be anchored in secluded hidden lagoon for sexy overnight. Dinner could be arranged on land.

Day 6 – Thursday, 27th August 2015

Party island of Hvar boasts in ancient ruins, medieval churches, poet Petar Hektorovic’s 16th-century Tvrdalj castle – and fantastic nightlife! If you’re in the mood for a party, you’ll love the idyllic Pakleni Islands’ Palmižana Bay, before jumping into a water taxi to the busy Hvar Town for a night to remember!

We will be anchored in near bays of Hells island. Only transport to Hvar city will be water taxis.

Day 7 – Friday, 28th August 2015

Feel the wind in your hair as we start the day with a sexy yacht Regata race, en route to the remote Brac island. Spend the afternoon jumping into the sea, swimming around scenic bay before we head back to Split port.

We will arrange final party as suprise goodbye party.

Day 8 – Saturday, 29th August 2015

Morning Check out at 09.00

What will we get from the whole trip?

Swinger Yacht Week is a new concept and we are hoping to combine the adventure of sailing with the pleasures of our lifestyle. If done properly we expect you guys to have the time of your life.

Sailing connects people in a very special way. There is no place to hide on a boat if you don’t get along with some people. In this case we will try to switch you to some other boat. However, it is upon you to cooperate with other passengers and take care that everybody is having fun. Bare this in mind and everybody gets out alive, happy, sexually satisfied and with a big smile on your face.

Swinger Cruise Croatia is a group of experienced people who work in the travel industry for more then 15 years. We are sure we will provide you with the experience you dreamed of. We are all from the lifestyle, we know how this goes … and we started all this to combine what we LOVE most with what we LIKE to do most.

Now stop hesitating. Go and press the “Book Now“ button. See you on board.

Your Swinger Cruise Croatia Team

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Type Category Availability Price
1 couple cabin Couple 80 1,990.00
1 single lady cabin Various 5 1,650.00
Book the whole sailing boat -> 5 percent discount Various 20 7,526.00