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Apollodore Castle Party

Welcome to the Castle, the Domain of Apollo God of Arts and Pleasures

And they will be numerous for this idyllic break, if you knew...


A day of workshops and meetings to nourish the spirit

A lush evening for your thirst of vices


The day or the awakening of Apollo


// Exhibition of erotic works with the talented Yamina Djarir

// Discovery of the Ropes with the master Shibari Niwashiva. See more about his art on :

// Initiations: Contact Improv, Tantra and Somadelic Practices with the eclectic Ronald Pauffert to discover on the link below


The evening or night of lust by Apollodore


// Many surprises for all your senses without exception


A harmonious selection of black and white gentlemen to satisfy all tastes.


The setting : An exceptional domain with an idyllic castle less than an hour from Paris for an extraordinary event. Luxury Chateau rooms available for accomdation…

*Single ladies are invited and should only bring two bottles of Champagne

**All guests are not registered on this website

***The guests will present a PCR covid test (made in laboratory) of less than 48H.



Type Category Availability Price
Couples ticket
Various Availability 59 90.00

Hello and welcome to the Apollodore Castle Party
Please send us your whatsapp by email:
We will get in touch with you to organise your visit.
See you soon
Team Apollodore

Single man ticket Availability 55 125.00
Accomodation - Reservation for Château suite : Versailles Availability Sold Out 270.00
Accomodation - Reservation for Château suite : Pelias Availability Sold Out 240.00
Accomodation - Reservation for Deluxe-Appartment : Ovidie Availability Sold Out 175.00
Accomodation - Reservation for Deluxe-Appartment : Linos Availability Sold Out 115.00
Accomodation - Reservation for Comfort-Appartment : Herodore Availability Sold Out 105.00
Single lady ticket Availability 60 0.00