Find Swingers


I would like to invite you to dress up, bring your toys & enjoy my kinky Spielplatz :)

ENTRY PRICE: 25 Euro per person
(no Gender pricing)

Each play night will begin with a workshop....
Starting this evening with a Sexy Storytelling workshop by: Ena Dahl
]Good storytellers have more and better sex ;)
What's the connection between the two and how can we harness our storytelling abilities in the bedroom?
Sex and erotica author Ena Dahl shares tips on how to craft better narratives—as well as how to apply this knowledge to create more thrilling BDSM scenarios and sessions.
Unleash your creativity and liberate your inner sexy storyteller!
Ena Dahl is a creative writer, artist and muse, a regular contributor for Sexography, Elephant Journal, Lioness, Lustery, and SPNKD and a staff writer for Erotica Publisher, Berlinable.

There are a lot of fun areas you can play at and be your kinky self at the amazing Insomnia's club well equipped basement, (other areas of the club will be open according to the number of people)

Since we are still under the corona rules, we want you all to stay safe, here is how:

DRESS CODE: fetish & sexy, dress to impress :)

* The number of people is limited
* Signing up is possible for **singles, **couples or max **poly groups up to 6 people, in advance\*\*,
please Include your info required by the government, this info would not be used and will be deleted after 4 weeks.
** when playing with someone who isn't your partner please wear a mask, no sex or oral sex is allowed between people who are not already in a sexual relationship.
* Masks should be worn when entering/leaving the club and moving around the club outside of play areas and in the toilets.
* 19:30 - Open doors + Meet and Greet
* 20:00 - Sexy Storytelling workshop
* Keep it Hygienic! follow our Hygiene rules at the club.
* Make sure to wash your hands and use the sanitizers
* Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area
* NO PHONES allowed
* PLAY NICE :) be respectful to others

**Registration is possible vie PM here

please make sure to mention how many people 2-6, you info: full name, phone, email

***Entrance without reservation is possible based only on free spaces!

Let’s keep the kinky scene alive together, help the club and have safe kinky fun :)

Looking forward to see you