Find Swingers


Cuckold is a man who likes to show his female partner to the others or enjoys seeing her being fucked by other men.

This party is exactly for people like that.
We welcome both cuckold oriented couples and single male who like to seduce and indulge women at the party.

Also single ladies can come to enjoy the evening with special atmosphere, full of erotic temptation.

There will be the erotic show as always, starting after 21:00.
The atmosphere will be pumped up by two beautiful and sexy gogo dancers!



Single men can register only with a valid Fantasy Club Card. Should they wish to apply for the card they must send a civil photo to the club email address - ´face control / confirmation´ and follow instructions received in reply. We accept singles selectively because of limited number of places for singles at each event. If you are not accepted at the first time, you may reapply after 6 months.



Type Availability Price
SpicyMatch full member couple
Couple Couple
Availability 30 24.00
Spicy Match pár
Couple Couple
Availability 30 32.00