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Dear nasty lifestyle friends,
We had enough shitty corona news in the last months. It is time for some good stuff again! Of course also we are constantly thinking of how we gonna proceed and when we can organize proper parties again. Since the situation is bit different at the moment, we won't plan big parties for the moment, so we decided to set up small ones (max 10 couples + single girls) in a different style. Why do we call it "Selcted"? It will be events with fewer people then normally, so we will also try to select people even more carefully for each event. Better saying: "Just trust us! If you have visited our parties, you should know that we care a lot of our guestlist :)" Let us present you 3 formats of events we want to offer you for 2020. We created three completely different ones, which menas also that not every theme will fit for everybody. Therefore, please check every event properly!


Play - Uniforms - Seduction

This "selected" Party is for those, you like dresscodes and who like to choose themselves which one to wear for the evening. Which job do you want to try out this night? We call it an "easy" party, because only the dresscode is fixed, but there are no other guidelines for the night. Your "duties" are having fun, enjoying the athmosphere and having sexy until the early morning. It is up to you which evening you want to come. In Austria there is a public holiday on Monday, so we chose the Saturday and the Sunday for the party.

WHERE: Vienna, secret penthouse appartment

WHO: fit and hot looking girls and couples until a max age of 50. (max. 10 couples + single girls, ~ 50% locals, 50% internationals)

WHEN: Saturday, 24 October + Sunday, 25 October 2020. You can come for 1 night only since there is very limited places for each night.

DRESSCODE: ladies & gents, it is on you to get out your sexiest and coolest uniform, wether it is a real one or just your most favourite fantasy to wear. Any hot uniform is perfect around these topics: police, housekeeping, military, sailing, fire fighting, trains and airplanes, hospital, school....and many more to mention.

€ 90,- / Couple
€ 40,- / Girl
(all included: party, drinks, snacks, condoms, towels)

CANCELLATIONS: From 24.08.2020 no payments will be refund or credited. (Even not in case of sickness). Payments will be refund by 50% until 23.08.2020. The rest will not be refund nor credited. The only exception is, if you get sick from corona. In this case you are not allowed to come to the party and receive a refund of 50%. It is necessary to send us a doctors confirmation, that you got sick from corona or there is the possibility of an corona infection.


Please let us know as soon as possible, if you want to come. We are really looking forward to hearing from you! Voluntarily you can invite couples and girls in your circle of friends, who are as sexy and open minded like you. They need to get in contact with us, either over SpicyMatch or email: We invite only relaxed people who like to swap partners and want to avoid "Soft swap". The age limit for all our parties is 50!! We keep the right of refusing couples and singles from the guestlist due to personal reason and also will send them home in case of bad behaviour during our parties. Each guest becomes a member of our non profit organization just for the one party. Don't expect loud dance music, since we don't like it and we gonna keep it mostly in the background to guarantee good conversations, and moreover because the locations don't have noise cancellation facilities.


Type Category Availability Price
Couple Various Availability 3 90.00
Girl Single Female Availability 5 40.00