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Yes, Milady! @Soave, Verona - Validation Party

This is an Official Validation Event This feature is only available to Couples & Single Females

All SpicyMatch Members who attend this Event will receive our Official Validation. Please request your Profile Validation to the staff at the door of this event, and make sure you give them your correct profile name.


QUICK INFO: two nights or one only / 6 - 8 March 2020 / party @Le Moulin Club in Soave (Verona) / room in luxurious Relais Villabella (it's a takeover) / dinner / SPA / transfer from hotel to club and back / exclusive playrooms in Le Moulin only for Margarita Pleasures guest and their invitees / weekend reserved to celebrate our ladies on the special occasion of the 8th of March / two especially invited selected single men at the disposal of the ladies
 Join us and party in one of the great italian swinger clubs, the Le Moulin Club in Soave (Verona). We'll have a whole weekend of erotic fun with two nights at the club, Friday and Saturday! But that's not all, because we'll take case of you in all ways: included in the package is two nights in the beautiful Relais Villabella Hotel which we'll take over, two high quality dinners on Friday and Saturday, visit of Soave canteens and SPA. It is not only a sex weekend, but an erotic experience mixed with excellent cuisine, wellness, relax and italian beauty.

In the club, Le Moulin will also reserve kinky playrooms in the club only for Margarita Pleasures participants of this event. Each one of us will receive special rings that we'll be able to present to other guests of the club we like and invite them in the exclusive Margarita Pleasures playrooms.


The event is the ideal mix of the exclusivity and luxury of Margarita Pleasures events together with the great location and guest list that Le Moulin always manages to set up!


♥ You can choose all the package, or only the dinner and the club, if you prefer so.

♥ Special entertainment programme on Friday and Saturday with a special erotic show to warm up the ladies.

On Saturdays Le Moulin will accept, this time only, two especially invited single men who will be part of the evening, specially dresses and at the disposal of the ladies to fulfill all their wishes.

♥ If you want to secure your place, book asap as places are limited.


♥ To sum up, what's included:

  • accommodation with breakfast @Relais Villabella (takeover);
  • dinner Friday @Le Moulin including: sushi, fresh Adriatic seafood (shrimps, oysters, fish) and prosecco;
  • dinner Saturday @Relais Villabella including a degustation menu of local specialties and wines;
  • party @Le Moulin Club with reserved seats, reserved playrooms, two drinks on Friday and four drinks on Saturday;
  • SPA (optional);
  • transfer from hotel to the club, to SPA and to the city on Saturday during the day.

♥ Dress codes:

Friday: ladies sexy and provocative, let your creativity flow, gentlemen smart sexy, avoid jeans and sports shoes.
Saturday: ladies fishnet stocking, tight dresses, possibly transparent and a crown, jewels or diadem on the head: women will be the queens of the evening, so why not to show it... gentlemen elegant suit and tie.

♥ Events starting: dinner: 20:30, party: 22:30. Parties usually continue until 03:30, but they can be longer as long as there's the proper kinky energy...

♥ Location: Relais Villabella and Le Moulin Club, Soave (Verona), Italy.

♥ SPA: on Saturday after beakfast it's possible to arrange a private SPA in the vicinity for the cost of 250€ per 5 couples: if you're interested let us know and once you're five couples, we'll confirm you.

♥ Transfer from airport: Do you want to be care free about transportation? A taxi from Venice airport to Soave and back will cost around 280€, but we offer you private transportation by car: 80€ one way, 120€ both ways (one couple) or 90€ one way and 140€ two ways (two couples).

♥ Weekend contribution per couple, including hotel room, entrance to Le Moulin Club with drinks, dinners and all local transfers:

  • 455€ all included with double room


  • 475€ all included with classic suite


  • 495€ all included with romantic suite


  • 335€ all included with single room (for the 2 invited single men or single ladies)

♥ Weekend contribution per couple:

  • 220€ only parties and dinners (no accomodation, no transfers):

♥ Saturday contribution per couple:

  • 136€ only party and dinner (no accomodation, no transfers).

You can pay directly to us, or through the Spicymatch system.

Cancellation policy: 75% until February 15th, 50% until February 28th.

The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event upon providing a full refund.

If you would like to become a member and thus be informed about all our events, write us through the contact form, through our partner websites or through Whatsapp/Telegram: +1.516.577.0507.


Type Category Availability Price
Weekend package with DOUBLE ROOM with breakfast + dinners, club entrances, local transfers Couple Availability Sold Out 455.00
Weekend package with CLASSIC SUITE with breakfast + dinners, club entrances, local transfers Couple Availability 1 475.00
Weekend package with ROMANTIC SUITE with breakfast + dinners, club entrances, local transfers Couple Availability 2 495.00
Weekend package with SINGLE ROOM with breakfast + dinners, club entrances, local transfers Various Availability 2 335.00
Weekend option only dinners and club entrances Couple Availability 3 220.00
Saturday option only dinner and club entrance Couple Availability 2 136.00