SpicyMatch goes far up North!

The Finnish name of this whole-weekend event is "Touhutipattoman Tammikuun Päättäjäiset" which accurately means "The Closing Ceremony of the Precum-Dropless January", modeled after the Finnish tradition of abstaining from alcohol until the end of January.

At only 200 kilometeres from the Arctic Circle in January, things are going to get HOT when the Finns and hopefully some foreign guests will warm themselves up with sauna and steaming sex. At this SpicyMatch Premium Validation Event for 25 couples you will have the opportunity to experience an ADVENTURE unlike any swingers clubs in Europe.This whole-weekend event in the middle of nowhere will feature a bathing and banging marathon with some of the hottest couples from the country, who also happen to speak English. No need to get tired in the evening when the sex can continue straight after breakfast!

For 69€/per person, you will get:

- 2 nights

- Meals + snacks

- Condoms

- Official SpicyMatch Validation

The event starts at 18:00 on Friday 30th of January and ends at 12:00 on Sunday 1st of February. Flights to Oulu (Uleåborg in Swedish) go from e.g. Helsinki and Stockholm. E.g. norwegian flies from 30€/pp from Helsinki. Airport to Party transfers will be organized.

We currently have about 15 couples signed up and will take 10 more. Prepayments only.

This is a SpicyMatch Premium Validation Event.

All SpicyMatch Couples who attend this event will receive our Premium SpicyMatch Validation

and will be entitled to our discounted Premium Membership Rates