Sexy Valentines Party 2020 - Validation Party

This is an Official Validation Event This feature is only available to Couples & Single Females

All SpicyMatch Members who attend this Event will receive our Official Validation. Please request your Profile Validation to the staff at the door of this event, and make sure you give them your correct profile name.


For the fourth time we are ready to invite to a new *all inclusive* party in 2020, this time the theme is Sexy Valentines!

*The Party Includes:

  • Costumes for him and her (We buy onesize fits all, we make it simple, fun and sexy)
  • Food and drinks (welcome drink + to drinks, water is free)
  • Snacks
  • And some surprises ;)

Dresscode: This time we want to implement a dresscode to put that extra touch on the event. For him; a black suit with a white shirt (tie annd bowtie are not necessary, but yoy get bonus points if you go all in). For her: A simple, sexy red dress with whatever you want or don´t want underneath.

We are hoping for a night filled with romance and hot meetings between the couples.

Rules for the Party;

ENTRANCE: 18.00 - 18.30, if you are arriving later you have to give us notice at least 6 hours advance, we want to close the doors by 18.30 so the night won´t be bothersome to our neighbours.

Etiquette / Behavior: No one should feel pressured to participate in something they do not want. Everyone must respect a no. Substances other than alcohol and tobacco are not allowed.

SMOKING: All the rooms are non-smoking areas, this also includes vapours, but you can smoke and vape in the outside lounge. (This is also a quiet zone because of neighbours).


Couple Price: 80€ (to 24.nov) - 100€ (from 25.nov)

Single Male: 70€ (to 24.nov) - 90€ (from 25.nov) SOLD OUT

Single Female: 40€ (to 24.nov) - 60€ (from 25.nov) SOLD OUT

Cancelation Policy:

Payments will be refunded by 50% until 15.12.19. As of December 16 2019 no payments will be refunded or credited. (Not even in case of illness). Tickets cannot be given to others or further sold.

Without prepayment, no one will get a 100% guarantee of being able to attend the party.


Please tell me as soon as possible if you would like to participate. We really look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to recommend couples in your own circle who are as sexy and open minded as you, we just ask that they contact us directly first. The location of the party is secret, we do not want to expose neither us nor you. We want to invite only "relaxed" couples who are confident in themselves and each other and who want to exchange partners. We have chosen to set an age restriction of 50 years, but exceptions can of course happen. We also reserve the right to reject couples from the guest list and will also send them home due to bad behavior at our parties. Don't expect high dance music, this will be kept a bit in the background so we can have good conversations.


Type Category Availability Price
Early Bird Par Sexy Valentines Various Availability Sold Out 80.00
Par Sexy Valentines Couple Availability 1 100.00
Singel dame Sexy Valentines Single Female Availability Sold Out 60.00
Singel mann Sexy Valentines Availability Sold Out 80.00
Par Sexy Valentines 2020 Availability Sold Out 100.00