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14 April 2020 @ 14:18 CET

In view of the current Coronavirus pandemic which is effecting most countries of the world, and the new legislation published by the French Government, holding Ordinance number ECOC2008134R of the 20th March 2020, any cancellation of travels to France will be given a voucher (a credit note) for the full amount which they paid on their trip and such a voucher (credit note) will be valid for a period of 18 months. The client may make use of this credit over the next 18 month period, or if such credit is not utilised within these 18 months, then the client can request a refund once the 18 month period elapses. For this reason, please note that with immediate effect, the cancellation policy of this event is being adjusted to reflect this new legislation. Anyone wanting to cancel their booking for this event will have the money they paid transferred for the event of next year. In the case that the client would like to change the date of travel for any other dates within the next 18 months, then please contact us directly so we can confirm availability. If the credit is not used within 18 months from the date above, then the client can request a refund of the monies paid. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further assistance and/or clarification.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused. Unfortunately this is beyond our control.

** As of today, this event is not being cancelled and will proceed as planned **

We will do our utmost to keep you abreast of any updates we might receive from the respective authorities in France as and when they are published.

We wait some time before we considering any action like delaying to next year.

Hey guys... In view of the Carona virus epidemic, whether this event is likely to happen? If yes, which we are really praying for, then what would be the steps taken by the organisers to contain spread of the virus amongst the people there at the event. What are your opinion on this issue which is going to effect everyone there...????

SpicyMatch Official Events As at the time of posting, there are no indications that the current pandemic of COVID-19 will still be a problem by August 2020. As at today, the current restrictions put in force by the French authorities shall remain in force until end of April, three and a half months from the event, therefore as of the information that we have today, there is no indication that the event is going to be cancelled. Obviously with such a fluid situation, we shall keep ourselves in constant contact with the respective agencies and authorities and should there be any possibility of the event being cancelled, we will inform our members immediately.


Hi Krishna-73 Let's be honest - even if the event will take place there is still the very, very high risk of infection and to go there there with nose and mouth protection is really no fun at all. We stay put for the time being and wait if there will be some medication available, as we are part of the risk group.


I fully agree with you.... It's very risky. But now instead of refunding the money, the agency is postponing the refund after 18 months which is little disturbing. If you want to get Full refund then it's okay but they can consider refund after deduction as per their cancellation policy.

Please join us during the cap d agde takeover

looking forward to meeting you guys in Cap d'Agde 😘


Will be happy to join u guys...


Sure... We are game... Waiting to see you guys there at Jardin de Eden


We wiil try. 😀

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