Indulge and Explore, learn from the experts, play and meet like minded people in a relaxed and erotic atmosphere. We have a selection of fetish equipment provided by the Colchester Collective who's members are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to bring along any toys or equipment you have and wear whatever you enjoy, you will find that people who attend Taboo wear everything from PVC, Rubber, Leather to Basques, Suits, Shirts and Trousers or a little black dress.

Taboo is a Fun, Intimate and Friendly Event for all, everyone is welcome to whether you are curious or exprienced.

The selection of equipment we will have include :

1. Bondage Chair - Sit your sub / slave here and torture them into a rapture

2. Spanking Horse - Your sub / slave can ride this noble horse and be spanked or flogged whilst secured to it's various restraint points.

3. Cage - Naughty subs / slaves need a time out sometimes.

4. Our famous purpose built full height cage - your sub / slave can be shut in here and tied to the bars or just left there to be deliciously tormented from outside.

5. Stocks - Naughty subs / slaves will be in a perfect position for punishment or more

6. Spanking bench - with 9 anchor points to restrain your sub / slave using this will be spanking good fun.

7. Spreader bars - What more can we say

8. Vac bed - A latex envelope that will restrict your body and senses as the air is removed, the perfect way to experience sensory deprivation.

9. Restrain your slave with our leather collar and arm restraints.

ENTRY COSTS : Couples £25 / Single Guys £15 / Single Ladies £15

Bring Your Own Alcohol (Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee are available to buy)

If you would like to attend this event please message us in the first instance. Once we have received notification of your interest we will contact you to ask for your full names, email address and postcode. We will then send you a confirmation and welcome email.