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Belgian Visu - Validation Party

This is an Official Validation Event This feature is only available to Couples & Single Females

All SpicyMatch Members who attend this Event will receive our Official Validation. Please request your Profile Validation to the staff at the door of this event, and make sure you give them your correct profile name.



Here is our first (and certainly not last) Belgian SpicyMatch event for 2019 !
We are inviting you to meet Belgian Swingers around a drink into a "muy caliente" vibe
The main goal of this "visu" is to meet into a "neutral" place (non swinger) but privatized for the occasion

This place will allow you to meet all together and, perhaps, continue the night in private, in a hotel or to a Club

You will receive SpicyMatch goodies and have the opportunity to become a SpicyMatch life member FOR FREE !!

Come and share a good time, it's free entrance !
We rely on your discretion

Contact : Babakra


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