BALL VENEZIA -  BURG  Party Pikant - Validation Party

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B A L L - V E N E Z I A, a Masked Castle Party on Carnival Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

the elegant, sensual, hedonistic, stylish party near Cologne

the legendary masks - Carnival PP

FREE 1 x Spicy-Shot (2 cl drink with alcohol)
for guests on SpicyMatch's guest list.

250 guests will celebrate in a mystical castle near Cologne a rushing erotic MASKED - Party BALL VENEZIA in the knight hall and the castle catacombs. Play equipment and Lovelounge, tower room, DJ...


Time, address

Entry from 21:00 h, party from 22:00 h

Location: old, venerable, mystical Wasser-Burg zu Geretzhoven
Nikolaus Admas St.
50129 Bergheim


~ A mystical Wasserburg near Cologne with a knight's hall and catacombs
~ Masks mandatory for ALL until 24:00 hours
~ Atmosphere similar to the movie Eyes Wide Shut
~ Playrooms and Love Lounge in the catacombs
~ Dance music, by our DJ from 22:00 onwards in the knights hall
~ Admission 30 € per person, 10 € minimum consumption for drinks
~ Free parking in front of the castle
~ Illumination of the Castle and Flame Path (weather dependent)
~ Quiet fireplace room with own bar
~ Voyeur glass floor tower room with view of the wild erotic play in the basement (quieter)




Single females: 25 €

Couples: 60 €, (30 € per person)

Drinks, consumption, wardrobe go extra on Pre-Payed consumption card, minimum consumption 10 € per person.

Students, trainees, pupils or persons who cannot afford the party for economic reasons can ask us for a special price. Also particularly beautiful, particularly provocative and show-joyful outfits can ask for a bonus.

Dress-Code / Outfit



100 % Venetian, erotic masked ball: baroque, rococo, "dress of O", cape, ball dress, castle lady, nude. All men in suits, tails, tuxedos, baroque coat with white or black shirt.

More is not allowed this time.


* there are masks that can be put on glasses, masks made of elastane fabric which completely cling to the face or masks painted with make-up directly on the skin. Beside the classic Venetian masks there are also some made of leather, metal, lace, feathers etc... Starting from 24:00 o'clock freely further mask or unmasking, since we know, that masks can be annoying after a certain time and also be obstructive. Please DO NOT buy the cheapest 1 € mask from the carnival shop.

Target group

Young and young at heart, attractive, erotic party couples and ladies who want to celebrate a sensual costume party in an erotic Venetian outfit. High class, stylish, selected, elegant.

Tell your friends and acquaintances about this party and celebrate with them.


250 selected guests can party in the mystic Wasserburg Geretzhoven.

EVERYONE must wear masks until 24:00 o'clock afterwards masks are optional.

Entry to the Meet and Greet at 21:00, explore the halls.

From about 22:00 o'clock the Rittersaal becomes a dance floor and you let yourself be carried away by the beats of the DJs.
The Love-Lounges / Katakomebn are open from about 24:00 and you are invited to play.

The catacombs with love lounges and playing equipment will be filled with pleasurable guests who give themselves over to their erotic play.

From the tower room with glass floor you can watch the erotic play of the wild stable boys and seductive maidservants.