Cirque Du Chaos

Entrance Cost: £15.00 per person

Dress Code: Make an effort to look extraordinary, and as sexy as possible. Changing areas at club if you wish to arrive normally.

A unique collaboration between two major players in the Fetish scene, Mammon and Kali Ma, in a series of events we’re calling ‘Cirque De Chaos’.

◾an erotic circus, which invites you to celebrate your sexual diversity

◾for swingers, fetishists, BDSM players, exhibitionists and voyeurs

◾an event to pose and play, watch and be watched

◾a no pressure environment where nobody will hassle you

But … we will entice you to play … fantasies can come true, if you want to make them happen.

There will be specific areas of play for swingers and BDSMers, places to “perform” and be watched, and places to watch and be comfortable. There will be Kinky Cabaret Performances that will excite your senses, and much, much more!