A hot party night in Rovinj - dancing and celebrating and sex under the stars, that's possible with us. In addition, there is free Prosecco - how it works in the statement.

Together we celebrate a really hot party - according to the motto Prosecco Night - Jae1 koop. Spicler. A hot party night in Rovinj - dancing and celebrating and having sex under the stars - that is possible with us and is also lived out. We look forward to a hot party with you. In addition, we have come up with something very nice for SpicyMatch Members. Once a month we dig deep into our pockets and there are members for SpicyMatch a bottle of Prosecco FREE. The following rules must be followed exactly. 1. Registration via SpicyMatch for this evening. 2. to be with us no later than 22.45, the door at the entrance is used as a clock, 3. Coupons will be bought this evening (at least 6 pieces for 30.- or more) 4. Then there is a coupon for a bottle of Prosecco that you can use, like the coupons, but then when you want. You do not have to consume the coupons this evening.

Clothes order in our lounge: maintained - erotic - easy - you since on vacation, there are lockers available for those who like to move. Towels: Is there only a shower, we have sheets for our playgrounds, if you need a towel for a seat pad please bring this with you. beverage coupon Do you always get at the door (cash) with us, if you avail the price advantage, the coupons are selbstverändlich next visit also valid, Please note that we want a mandatory minimum consumption of 1 drink per person.

Our guests know, we have only a first-class, Austrian drinks offer. parking spot please follow the following parking rules, always park on the right side in front of our restaurant, the left side belongs to our neighbor. In addition, the parking lot across the street is at your disposal. * g * Gentleman's let the ladies get off the stairs and park the car for themselves * wink * Bicycles and the like. Please also park on our side. Thanks for that. target group All guests are swingers Swingers interested love a good party. Dress code well-groomed - erotic - casual - elegant