"I want more..." - Gang-Bang-Party!!!

Our special night for all swingers, who like to get a little bit more of all.

Excessive lust - hot games - orgies - hidden fantasies - new experiences...

.for all ladies, who need it more than only 1 time and like the variety of having fun with more than 1 guy

..for all gentlemen, who get a special kick when watching and taking part in orgies

...for all couples, where men like to share their wives with many others

Watching allowed - participating desired, but no obligation!

Tonight free entry for single-ladies - special prices for active couples (€ 55,- all-In) and gentlemen (€ 75,-)!

€ 10,- discount for VIP-Card owners on top!

Looking forward to having a long hot night together with all of you!

Michaela & Sascha