Pussy Galore Events are the most glamorous and exotic private parties to hit London.

Whether you are experienced, a voyeur or simply curious, Pussy Galore will cater for your needs, creating the ultimate escapist fantasy for pleasure seekers. Live performances are our main attraction to wet your appetite.

Exquisite tailor made sexual adventures to participate with, plenty of visual treats and attractions to keep your senses tingling.

Held in discreet and private venues, in central London, your privacy is paramount to ensure the allure of the dream.




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Playroom size -
Alcohol available -
Food available -
Smoking allowed -
Playroom available -
Dance floor -
Fetish room -
Outdoor area -
Indoor pool -
Outdoor pool -
Jacuzzi -
Massage area -
Sauna -
Private playrooms -
Private lockers -
Themed parties -
Overnight accommodation -