Welcome to Arousal, an ever improving venue, where all of your fantasies can be explored, in a very safe and sexy enviroment

Arousal is a purpose built venue by liberated adults who have the imagination, desires, creativity, ambition and knowledge to create the facilities and the atmosphere, where other liberated people can socialize, party, explore sensual experiences, enjoy each others company and where your privacy is paramount.

Arousal is a non profit making private members club. Any monies remaining after running costs of the venue is deducted, gets invested back into the club. Members contribute to the cost of administering, operating, maintaining the club with a joining fee and a contribution to each event.

Arousal run couples and singles, sexy fetish and themed parties. We are equally for new commers as we are for the experienced.

Arousal events are relaxed, no pressure Sexy party nights where you will meet likeminded people, experience all that you desire and where the emphasis will always be on fun.

At our Club you will experience the ultimate relaxed party night that is at all possible as we provide FREE STOP- OVERS!